We convert textile and plastic wastes into eco-friendly products.

Planet 3R is a social enterprise dedicated to converting textile and plastic wastes into eco-friendly products using the 3R ( Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) to save our planet Earth by weaving them into innovative items.

With the vision of creating a sustainable world without textile and plastic wastes, it became necessary for us at Planet 3R to reduce the landfill space by recycling clothes and nylons.


Eco-friendly Products


Recycled Clothes and Nylons


Creative Awareness Programs


Empowerment of Unemployed Youths


Students Sensitized On Recycling


Individuals Employed by Planet3R

We convert textile and plastic wastes into eco-friendly products


Our weaving equipments are locally made in Nigeria which makes our products affordable.

Access to Raw Materials

We easily source for Disposed plastics, nylons and textile wastes which are our major inputs in production

Empowerment Initiative

We empower women and youth in rural communities by training them on sustainable waste collecting and recycling

Recycling Hub

We have a plan to set up recycling hubs in various locations to achieve higher production efficiency.

Our Planet 3R initiative focuses on the empowerment of unemployed youths by training them on effective ways to earn income from recycling plastic and textile waste.

We weave Plastic and Textile Wastes Into beautiful bespoke and avant grade products for the art savvy. We also engage in Grassroots and Creative Awareness programs geared Towards Achieving a Clean Environment.

Global Creative market is worth $1.3 trillion. African Creative Industry is worth over $4.2 billion. With over 500million Africans in Diaspora and more than 30million tourists, we are targeting 2% of the total market share in Africa.